Licensing Procedures:

  1. Complete the Preview and Introduction Course Module to get a better understand of our program and training platform. 

  2. Schedule a video consultation and intake interview with founding leader, Dr. Emily Teck.

  3. Complete 4 additional self paced training modules (similar to the preview course module, but with more content). Complete this process on your own time, but it is suggested you spend 4-16 weeks preparing to become a licensed Jam Leader.

  4. Schedule a video consultation to discuss your learning and your planning with Dr. Emily Teck finalize licensure.

  5. Grow your business, engage your community, and develop your skills.

Licensed Jam Leaders can use the Jewish Family Jams trademark, research based curriculum and marketing materials, and access business support for advertising, administrative and technical needs. Each new leader will be paired with a licensed leader with a history of success facilitating Jewish Family Jams.

Additional benefits offered to Jewish Family Jams Licensed Leaders include:

  • A [email protected] email address (which can be forwarded to your primary email address) and page on the Jewish Family Jams website. 

  • A personal page on the website, which can also collect registrations on your behalf, at your request.

  • Customized, branded promo images, videos, and graphics. 

  • Permission to use the Jewish Family Jams registered trademark and service mark logo to advertise and promote sessions.

  • Exclusive access to an Interactive Activity and Guidebook of Jewish Family Jams songs that provides recorded music, activities, background, sheet music, and video examples of each of the tunes that are distributed to families on their CDs.

Access to the Jewish Family Jams online training platform, which includes:

  • Training in educational theories, Jewish philosophies, Jewish text and tradition, communal engagement and parent education that support engagement of families with young children in Jewish communal life.

  • Training videos for Jewish Family Jams original songs as well as other artist’s music that has proven to effectively engage young learners to provide a model for how the song can be shared with young children, with documents that provide rationale and explanation for the background of the song from both a Jewish text and tradition and a child development perspective.

  • Detailed information regarding the Jewish Family Jams program model, tips and tricks, and important information about how to facilitate Jewish Family Jams sessions.

  • Live support from founding director Dr. Emily Teck or a Jewish Family Jams team member via email, phone or video chat. Links for where to purchase appropriate props, and discounts when possible.

  • Examples of agreements between host locations and Jam leader, templates of welcome e-mails, attendance sheets, and other documentation that will streamline administrative responsibilities of leader.

What Is
Jewish Family Jams?

Interactive, play-based music and movement for young children and their grown ups.

At Jewish Family Jam Sessions, Participants will:

  • Sing, move, learn, play, create, bond, pray  and grow!
  • Express & explore children's instincts to love, connect, and make music.
  • Receive a CD of Jewish Family Jams songs to share at home and in the car.
  • Support and celebrate the child’s physical, spiritual, emotional and neurological development.
  • Access Jewish Community Connections Concierge: learn about other events, programs and classes for young Jewish families in your area..