Now accepting new Jewish Family Jam Leader Licensee Applications! 

  • Learn a research-based Jewish education program that uses music and movement to delight and engage young children and their grown-ups Build a repertoire of songs and activities to share in a variety of Jewish educational settings with young children

  • Discover educational and Jewish theories and philosophies to elevate your approach

  • Develop skills that you can immediately put into action with the children in your home, classroom, or community

  • Generate income while you maintain absolute control of your schedule and time commitment.

The Licensing Program, launched in a Pilot phase in April 2015, is designed to support people in developing their skills to engage young children and their grown ups in their Jewish communities. Jewish Family Jams leaders will have full control of their schedule and access to session planning guides and materials, phone and email support to address any challenge they encounter and Jewish Family Jams will support business and administration efforts including marketing, registration and series design.  Jewish Family Jams materials reflect a blend of Jewish prayer, text and tradition, as well as the approaches of theorists including Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner, Jean Piaget, Magda Gerber, James Fowler, and philosophical influence of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Buber. Songs and activities are inspired by extensive work in Jewish early childhood environments.

Ideal candidates for Jewish Family Jams Leaders have:

  • Enthusiasm and passion for engaging young children and families in Jewish life.

  • Good communication skills and a friendly demeanor

  • A playful, energetic and open minded approach to new things.

  • Ability to work independently, reflect upon and evaluate their work, and process feedback.

  • Some knowledge and experience in at least two of these three areas: Child development, Music education/Songleading, or Jewish Tradition (our training will provide additional support for personal and professional development in these areas, as well).

  • Basic tonal and rhythmic competency (can keep a beat and a melody- no need to play an instrument!).

  • Enjoy learning and relationship building.

  • Social media experience.

  • Access to/ability to procure props including but not limited to instruments, scarves, bubbles, puppets, etc. 

  • Access to the internet

  • Willingness and desire to increase their income. 

  • Willingness to commit to personal and professional development

What Is
Jewish Family Jams?

Interactive, play-based music and movement for young children and their grown ups.

At Jewish Family Jam Sessions, Participants will:

  • Sing, move, learn, play, create, bond, pray  and grow!
  • Express & explore children's instincts to love, connect, and make music.
  • Receive a CD of Jewish Family Jams songs to share at home and in the car.
  • Support and celebrate the child’s physical, spiritual, emotional and neurological development.
  • Access Jewish Community Connections Concierge: learn about other events, programs and classes for young Jewish families in your area..