What Is
Jewish Family Jams?

Interactive, play-based music and movement for young children and their grown ups.

At Jewish Family Jam Sessions, Participants will:

  • Sing, move, learn, play, create, bond, pray  and grow!
  • Experience and explore Jewish values, traditions, stories and songs.
  • Express and discover children's instincts to love, connect, and make music.
  • Receive a CD of Jewish Family Jams songs to share at home and in the car.
  • Support and celebrate the child’s physical, spiritual, emotional and neurological development.
  • Access Jewish Community Concierge Services: learn about other events, programs and classes for young Jewish families in your area.

Check Out Jam Sessions

Storah Time

Participants will explore a Torah story and its’ theme, corresponding to the different Torah stories read by the Jewish community around the world each week. Songs are inspired by Shabbat and m...

Shabbat Sing

Friday morning jam sessions that prepare the child and their grown up enter Shabbat, a holy day of rest, which begins on Friday night. We will practice associated rituals and blessings, share a story...

Great & Grateful

Sessions inspired by our morning prayers, we will explore blessings and prayers that are most meaningful and developmentally appropriate to young children and their families. We will focus on being t...

Singin' Shal-OHM

Stretch, sing, share stories and practice Yoga in the music and movement series.

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